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Mortal Kombat (1995)
Johnny Cage vs Scorpion
Music: George S. Clinton
Storyline: Based on the popular video game of the same name "Mortal Kombat" tells the story of an ancient tournament where the best of the best of different Realms fight each other. The goal - ten wins to be able to legally invade the losing Realm. Outworld has so far collected nine wins against Earthrealm, so it's up to Lord Rayden and his fighters to stop Outworld from reaching the final victory...
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Cast: Christopher Lambert (Lord Rayden), Robin Shou (Liu Kang), Linden Ashby (Johnny Cage), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Shang Tsung), Bridgette Wilson (Sonya Blade), Talisa Soto (Kitana), Trevor Goddard (Kano), Chris Casamassa (Scorpion), François Petit (Sub-Zero), Keith Cooke (Reptile)
New Line Cinema
TM & © Warner Bros.
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    18 годин тому

    I want Mortal Combat RPG Game 👍👍👍

  2. Славик славик
    Славик славик
    21 годину тому

    Фильм для детей до 15 лет!

  3. 歐陽
    22 години тому

    THE RESTART Mortal Kombat IS COMING~

  4. neverdavenever
    23 години тому

    WELCOME!!!!! (Punch in the face)

  5. Gerson Inzaghi
    Gerson Inzaghi
    День тому

    *_Tinham q fzr um remake desse filme,com a tecnologia q temos hj em dia..._*

  6. Marvin machine 360
    Marvin machine 360
    День тому

    No serpenent is kunai

  7. Nauti
    День тому

    Scorpion: *GET OVER HERE* Johnny: *runs away

  8. Fei Li
    Fei Li
    День тому

    0:58 You can see a white car moving in the distance behind the trees

  9. Diviértete con TIC y programas de entretenimiento
    Diviértete con TIC y programas de entretenimiento
    2 дні тому

    Un buen combate mortal

  10. SiDDhAnt Lawati
    SiDDhAnt Lawati
    2 дні тому


  11. Sherwin Christian
    Sherwin Christian
    2 дні тому

    That's the mortal kombat i grew up watching

  12. The Revengers
    The Revengers
    3 дні тому

    Why Johnny Cage dress like he's going a photo shoot lol 😂

  13. Valmir De Lima
    Valmir De Lima
    3 дні тому


  14. Nadia Herrarte
    Nadia Herrarte
    3 дні тому

    Watch it..the forearms...WELCOME...🤔

  15. Dee Boogie
    Dee Boogie
    4 дні тому

    How did home boy get out of that hell hole?

  16. Vincenzo medio
    Vincenzo medio
    4 дні тому

    This is the best part of the movie!

  17. Ayxan Mamedxanov
    Ayxan Mamedxanov
    4 дні тому

    obaaa scorpion bashga sheydi

  18. Ira Williams
    Ira Williams
    4 дні тому

    At least this movie has a shred of redemption compared to Tekken

  19. granto ,
    granto ,
    4 дні тому

    How does Johnny get out of that place afterwards

  20. tha vault
    tha vault
    5 днів тому

    i can't belive i seen this 24 years ago:/ i seen this movie in the theaters,movie was loud as f*** !yeah but this was the best part in the movie this and that lui kang reptile fight,s*** was crazy in the theaters.:)

  21. Christopher K
    Christopher K
    5 днів тому

    Never has gymnastics been so badass

  22. ricardo huff
    ricardo huff
    5 днів тому

    This still one of my favorite fights till this day, still a pretty good movie love it.

  23. Phillip Rollman
    Phillip Rollman
    6 днів тому

    I remember when I was like 9 when this came out going to the movie's with my friends to see this.

  24. Vicious
    6 днів тому


  25. Nine Breaker
    Nine Breaker
    6 днів тому

    Random Scorpion attacks are the main reason why people don't go for walks in the woods by themselves anymore

  26. super smash maker foxy
    super smash maker foxy
    6 днів тому

    R.I.P Scorpion you may reast in peace

  27. black panther
    black panther
    6 днів тому

    4:59 ok, and now would anybody PLEASE take me home from this fucked up dimension ?

  28. Moe Yagz
    Moe Yagz
    6 днів тому

    Ahhh my 90’s people...

  29. James Kurker
    James Kurker
    7 днів тому

    This and Liu Kang vs Reptile were the best fights of the movie.

    1. ricardo huff
      ricardo huff
      5 днів тому

      I agree those fights are awesome.

  30. Loki Tumarae
    Loki Tumarae
    7 днів тому

    ABACABB activates the blood and gore settings...

  31. mao mao
    mao mao
    8 днів тому


    8 днів тому

    What is this men

  33. chax Erazo
    chax Erazo
    9 днів тому

    KinG chaX 🔷🔸🔸

  34. caubi cristiano nascimento
    caubi cristiano nascimento
    9 днів тому


  35. Derek
    9 днів тому

    How I welcome my siblings when they enter my room without even asking. 1:42

  36. Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer
    9 днів тому

    Scorpion vs Johnny cage overrall my favorite fight scene in movie history. I give props to Chris casamasa and Lindy Ashby for putting off a outstanding performance.

  37. Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez
    9 днів тому

    and the shirt never untucks go johnny cage

  38. Scorpion/Hanzo Hasashi
    Scorpion/Hanzo Hasashi
    9 днів тому

    Fuck off, I didn’t even win anyways.

    10 днів тому

    Like se acham o scorpion o personagem mais massa.lembrando Não sou essa mulher essa mulher e minha Mãe

  40. James007HungerZone
    10 днів тому

    The new movie is rumored to be R rated and will be more gory than this movie.

  41. Schola Gee
    Schola Gee
    11 днів тому

    This scene was amazing as a kid knowing you loved Mortal Kombat video games.

  42. Commander Fox
    Commander Fox
    12 днів тому

    I saw something in the background, like a car.

  43. Muhamedali14
    12 днів тому

    Серьёзно???это же полнейший бред

  44. HaBeFaStro
    12 днів тому

    You know what? I don't really get that hyped for movies anymore... But I'm really looking forward to the next Mortal Kombat Movie. Now as I look upon an awesome fight scene from a film I love based on one of my favorite gaming franchises, I notice how much things have changed with cinema between now and then. They felt real even when outlandish. They looked visually stylish. They moved like an adventure.... These days.... It's so rare for me at least to get those same notions.... A lot of movies today, they feel fake even when it's set in reality. They look either the same or way too artificial. They don't move like an adventure. More like something you just sit and watch... What Happened (Besides the over reliance on VFX?)

  45. Jaylen Mark
    Jaylen Mark
    13 днів тому

    Who's READY for the 2021 🎥?

  46. sisuphos
    13 днів тому

    Johnny's shadow kick a 1:20 is never appreciated.

  47. That is My name
    That is My name
    13 днів тому

    The netherrealm is way too epic

  48. Darhan Arenov
    Darhan Arenov
    13 днів тому

    Мужик красавчик

  49. Christian Carranza
    Christian Carranza
    14 днів тому

    Having scorpion to perform his fatality was awesome

  50. Benjamin Young
    Benjamin Young
    14 днів тому

    That 1 punch that was a had punch

  51. red ch0c0b0
    red ch0c0b0
    15 днів тому

    banned lol

  52. Truth HasATongue
    Truth HasATongue
    15 днів тому

    Looks like chris smalling

  53. Hari Singh
    Hari Singh
    15 днів тому

    Watching this after many years as a big fan, there are so many holes in this whole fight, but still one of the best game movies made in it's time, the costumes were brilliant! And then there was the street fighter movie 😂😭

  54. MrFartyman44
    15 днів тому

    I remember this movie being a lot better

  55. Busty McNutters
    Busty McNutters
    15 днів тому


  56. Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores
    15 днів тому

    Ive read Scorpion would get his ass kicked by Reptile.

  57. AK-47Mr.408MiniPiT AaronMiniPiTKnapp
    AK-47Mr.408MiniPiT AaronMiniPiTKnapp
    15 днів тому

    Here Johnny

  58. Urban Horror Clique
    Urban Horror Clique
    16 днів тому

    I remember people not liking this movie when it came out but I dug it like your grave. However, one thing about this scene did bother me that no one ever points out.... You can only do a fatality or a friendship, you don't get to do both!

    16 днів тому

    Я тоже Джони Кейдж,когда машину ремонтирую!!!! одежда такая же.....

  60. vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
    vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
    16 днів тому

    They put "Get over here!" in the movie. That's funny.