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Descendants 3 Mal's Happy Ever After! 💜💚 Mal and Ben have a daughter together and she is the new disney princess of Auradon! Fairy magic, God powers and the beast curse - She will be the most fearsome girl in all of the Disney Descendants universe!
Hi everybody^___^ Your wish is my command! Many of you asked to see Mal and Ben's daughter, based on the Descendants 3 ending, so here she is^^ What do you think? I this how you imagined Mal daughter, or do you have other ideas?
And if you have already seen D3 - what did you think of the full Descendants 3 movie? Personally, I LOVED it! Especially the songs Queen of Mean and Night Falls 💜 And also Do What you gotta do, where we really got some insight into Mal's childhood and her relationship with Hades. Hopefully, Mal will become a much better parent herself!
Spoilers ahead:
Now that Mal and Ben are getting married, I really really hope, we will get to see a proper Descendants wedding in Auradon, maybe in a Descendants 3 spin-off someday :) I think it can be done in a respectful way after everything that has happened, just focusing on the new vk, or only Ben and Mal as parents, or some of the minor characters from Descendants 3^^ I'm sure Mitchell Hope and Dove Cameron will be up for more Descendants!
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If you have any ideas for other D3 edits, please let me know in the comments below. It can be from the new Descendants 3 full movie, a descendants 3 clip or just a general idea about a vk (or ak) ^___^ The characters just have to be in the descendants movie universe Kenny Ortega created,
Have a WICKED day^^!
I used Adobe Photoshop and my beloved Wacom Intous tablet to create this Walt Disney edit. Please do not share my edit on Instagram. Its made for UA-center only.
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    How do you find this music

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    Cameron boyce😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤

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    The name of the girl should be mel i think🤔

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    Her name should be Sia

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    its true galaxy moonlight

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    i want to watch the descendants4 to bad we all cant watch the descendants 4 i didn't watch that movie yet i want to watch ir yet i want to watch it NOW

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    I think her name might be Maddie but just my opinion

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    what apps you use for editing that picture?

  11. cheeky echa
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    Hey how about melen/bal

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    No its fake mal has boyfriend and ben has girlfriend not true

  13. Shirley Temple
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    Mia,Leah,dove,Alex,Mara are princess Kylie

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    Hello im from Vietnam, but I verry like descendants

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    Awh cute

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    Like if you lone descendant

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    I think they would name her Mave

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    What application?

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    Fake news.

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    Here eyes would be drown but when she uses her magic her eyes turn green an her hair is brown and purple

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    I like that there both wothing there powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Megan Brown
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    There's not going to be a descendants 4 1.cameron boyce(carlos) died which was really sad 2. Alot of the descendants cast said they quit idk why 3. It's not gonna be right without carlos/are forever boy(Cameron boyce) we miss u infinity❤

  25. KarlaxPlayz
    12 годин тому

    I miss cam I feel like with out Carlos there’s no Disney in it unless they do it exactly how they did with Audrey

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    Hre name should be dark magic

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    Me encanto 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍

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      Grasias alice

  28. Raeley Danielle
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    If there was a descendants 4 I think her name should be Maddie or Mak...but we could never replace Cameron Boyce😭 RIP❤️

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    You are a photoshop master

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    Macadies in honor of mals dad hades and mal

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    Her name should be Bonny or Mabe

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    I bet she would turn into dragons and beasts if she could with the magic she got from her mom Mal

  35. DÅÑŃŸ & ÅÑÏ
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    I think her name should be Maddie.

  36. msmeghonp
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    Maybe Madeline

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    There wont be a descents 4 bc Carlos died😭😫 but I hear they was supposed to do a 4th one but they canceled it bc u know 😭😭😭😭

  40. Maxwell Ferreira
    Maxwell Ferreira
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    Name her malisa

  41. Facilaplays Roblox_gaming
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    am i the only one who DOS’NT ship mal and ben?

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    Look girl everybody knows this fake but its good

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    Mal loza

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    I wish there would be a descendants 4

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    Guys Cameron would want us to acknowledge his memory but i dont think he woukd want us to be in depression for weeks.

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    The edit is on point

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    Soy el comentario en español

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    I think there baby's name would be malie😘 I'm also hoping for the season 4 (Descendants)

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    Carlos May have died but we shall not forget him make decendents 4 in his memory!

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