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The Ultimate Dupetorial on my Identical twin sisters! Can you tell the difference?
xo's ~ Tati
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  1. bella reyes
    bella reyes
    3 години тому

    Deadass thought the intro was just mad editing skills LMAO

  2. flower grl
    flower grl
    4 години тому

    The thumbnail rlly messed me up

  3. Carla Majeno
    Carla Majeno
    4 години тому

    Omg!! Everyone looks the same!!

  4. ChocoMint Wafer
    ChocoMint Wafer
    4 години тому

    oh my god your sisters are so pretty they look like caitlyn jenner!

  5. Fiona Haines
    Fiona Haines
    5 годин тому

    Seriously ~ the most beautiful family EVER.....???!

  6. kiana stevens
    kiana stevens
    5 годин тому

    Woah I was born at 27 weeks on July 11th at 11:11am

  7. Samantha Delroscio
    Samantha Delroscio
    6 годин тому

    This is so tripppy lmaoooo

  8. Alena Funk
    Alena Funk
    6 годин тому

    Love this!!!! If you weren’t born a twin next best thing would be having twin sisters! That’s so cool! I love how Logan always says “yes” and not “yeah”. Good job!

  9. Susan S.
    Susan S.
    7 годин тому

    Twins? More like triplets!

  10. Unicorn
    7 годин тому

    14:55 a wild Tati appears

  11. April Moctezuma
    April Moctezuma
    7 годин тому


  12. Anna Pkhaladze
    Anna Pkhaladze
    8 годин тому

    Tati, you look gorgeous! What dress are you wearing?

  13. Karishma Kundu
    Karishma Kundu
    10 годин тому

    Wow triplets 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  14. Ana Ramli
    Ana Ramli
    10 годин тому

    I can't stop looking at your eye makeup. Please make a tutorial on how you do your eyeshadow here 🥰😍😍

  15. Dolsie Mercado
    Dolsie Mercado
    11 годин тому


  16. Jessy Blevins
    Jessy Blevins
    11 годин тому

    Great video! I wish you had a list of the products you used on this one just because it makes it a lot easier to go shopping for them, thanks! :)

  17. Christina Jacobsen
    Christina Jacobsen
    12 годин тому

    I cant tell them apart..

  18. Staša Bojanović
    Staša Bojanović
    12 годин тому

    I love thisssssssss❤️❤️❤️

  19. Kelly Mat
    Kelly Mat
    13 годин тому

    Ur face pisses me off

  20. NA-KD
    14 годин тому

    So beautiful! 😍😍😍

  21. Makenna Hansen
    Makenna Hansen
    14 годин тому

    she is the prettiest woman ever

  22. Sky Maduras
    Sky Maduras
    17 годин тому


  23. Sky Maduras
    Sky Maduras
    17 годин тому

    All of your voices sound exactly the same it’s so funny to hear you talking all at once

  24. Anisa Velez
    Anisa Velez
    17 годин тому

    I was believing yall were triplets. LIKE OMG. & I would assume Tati is younger! OMG ❤️❤️

  25. lydiaann2010
    17 годин тому

    I love this video already!!!! Just started it

  26. Rebecca Torres
    Rebecca Torres
    18 годин тому

    Nnnooooo y’all triplets

  27. Benicio Feliciano
    Benicio Feliciano
    18 годин тому

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  28. Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee
    18 годин тому

    I love it when you do videos with your family 💚

  29. Nae P
    Nae P
    18 годин тому

    Are y’all sure y’all ain’t Triplets???! 🧐🧐🤔🤔

  30. MARIA ISABEL Gonzalez
    MARIA ISABEL Gonzalez
    19 годин тому

    I want your jawlines

  31. Анастасия Чигорина
    Анастасия Чигорина
    19 годин тому


  32. Ciara Wilcox
    Ciara Wilcox
    19 годин тому

    I thought you all were triplets

  33. Jerseys Vlogs
    Jerseys Vlogs
    19 годин тому

    You guys could pass as triplets!

  34. I'mAvaJames
    19 годин тому

    Literally thought they were triplets

  35. Liza Eames
    Liza Eames
    20 годин тому

    Legit thought the thumbnail was just one person edited twice.. 😂😂

  36. Rebecca Crouse
    Rebecca Crouse
    20 годин тому

    I want the foundation pallet info 👀

  37. Ashley a
    Ashley a
    21 годину тому

    you need to make a vid where yoou do your makeup to male then look more like you somehow f thats possible lol

  38. kelly gal
    kelly gal
    22 години тому

    I see 3 Tatis

  39. makemeup313
    22 години тому

    Seeing Tati and her siblings makes me wanna have more daughters, I have one already lol I promised myself no more. Btw anyone has an affordable recommendation for a dark spot remover that works fast?

  40. Natalia Sabater-Anaya
    Natalia Sabater-Anaya
    22 години тому

    Holy crap! I just commented that your twin sisters look like the girls from the x-files "Eve" episode right before you put the clip in! Were they actually the actresses for that episode??

  41. Lizz C. Villanueva
    Lizz C. Villanueva
    22 години тому


  42. Isä Flores
    Isä Flores
    23 години тому

    Their cheek bones are so sharp wow

  43. Kaivon Nix
    Kaivon Nix
    23 години тому

    sabrina looks more like tati tho

  44. Sarah Woolbright
    Sarah Woolbright
    23 години тому

    I think you meant triplets

  45. Sarah Woolbright
    Sarah Woolbright
    23 години тому

    Have you ever looked up the spiritual sign for number 11?

  46. Diana Marie
    Diana Marie
    День тому

    This is weird

  47. Itz Fem
    Itz Fem
    День тому

    yall what are those colored bottles that tati always has in the background?

  48. babykayla
    День тому

    even tati looks like them 😂

  49. Sonia RoiMer
    Sonia RoiMer
    День тому

    But how endured the makeups throw t'he day? We all would like to know for sure😔

  50. Sarah Dunn
    Sarah Dunn
    День тому

    Someone please dye their hair! So I can tell you apart!

  51. Jennifer Mohler
    Jennifer Mohler
    День тому


  52. Rhiannon Brinkman
    Rhiannon Brinkman
    День тому

    One day I will work with you!

  53. Henrietta Gillie
    Henrietta Gillie
    День тому

    Bro u guys could be triplets

  54. A
    День тому

    This is scary hahahaha

  55. Kihi J
    Kihi J
    День тому

    Triplets 💞😮

  56. Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz
    День тому

    You can not tell them apart!!

  57. Raven Star
    Raven Star
    День тому


  58. Elise Hermann
    Elise Hermann
    День тому

    They even have the same hair cut and style! 😂

  59. Jewel D
    Jewel D
    День тому

    I absolutely LOVE this video!! 😊💖

  60. Katie marchand
    Katie marchand
    День тому

    oh my god yes

  61. Katherine Zoeli Gonzalez Rodriguez
    Katherine Zoeli Gonzalez Rodriguez
    День тому

    Is Tati the youngest or the oldest?

  62. Maya Mejia
    Maya Mejia
    День тому

    “9:15 your basically fancy” love how she said that

  63. Beth Lilly
    Beth Lilly
    День тому

    They really look scary identical! Love it! In the picture when they were children, I saw triplets, Tati looked so so similar. Love these videos with her sisters/family, it’s so relaxed and just fun. ALSO... Someone needs to buy Sabrina (I’m pretty sure it was Sabrina) another Naked 2 palette, she mentioned it in the last video also.

  64. Im Just Here
    Im Just Here
    День тому

    The luxury side looks a little more glowy and the drug store side doesn't have as much shine and vibrance. That's the only difference I really see.

  65. Im Just Here
    Im Just Here
    День тому

    I 100% thought Tati had edited herself 3 times in the thumbnail. 🙈😂

  66. Liz Garcia
    Liz Garcia
    День тому

    You ladies may as well be triplets. So gorgeous !! 😍❤️

  67. Kari Munoz
    Kari Munoz
    День тому

    Holly crap y’all look like triplets!!!!! 😱😱

  68. Nikol tserkezou
    Nikol tserkezou
    День тому

    Why is no one commenting about how amazing their cheekbones and jawlines are ??

  69. Mm_elissa
    День тому

    Even tho they’re the twins, Tati could definitely make it triplets you can tell they’re definitely sisters

  70. Sarah Bryant
    Sarah Bryant
    День тому

    Omg I love your sisters!

  71. MartyL77
    День тому

    This video was the best! I felt like I was hanging out with Tati and her sisters :)

  72. Yenny Timms
    Yenny Timms
    День тому

    This messed with my head big time! 😂😂😂

  73. Safaa Lag
    Safaa Lag
    День тому

    You have TWINS?!?!?

  74. P.S. W
    P.S. W
    День тому

    God I would love Tati to do my makeup lol

  75. Michael Gary Scott
    Michael Gary Scott
    День тому

    I thought Tati was younger

  76. Nerilys Molina
    Nerilys Molina
    День тому

    Are you sure you’re not triplets lol

  77. SamanthaXoxo Cassiliano
    SamanthaXoxo Cassiliano
    День тому

    The crazy thing to me is that Tati looks the same too 😂

  78. Elyse Janson
    Elyse Janson
    День тому

    The idea for this video should break the internet... so smart!

  79. Elyse Janson
    Elyse Janson
    День тому

    You’re a genius for this one!

  80. The Trendy Thread Boutique
    The Trendy Thread Boutique
    День тому

    You Ladies look like Triplets! ☺️